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Cemeteries of Kossuth County

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Location Picture History
Apostolic Christian Cemetery Garfield Twp, West Bend   History
Blakjer Lutheran Cemetery Seneca Twp, north of Fenton Picture History
Buffalo Township Cemetery Titonka Picture History
Burt Township Cemetery Burt Twp, north edge of Burt Picture cem. walk
Calvary Cemetery Irvington Twp Picture  
Dammann (Private) Irvington    
East Lawn Cemetery Cresco Twp, north side of hospital, Algona    
Evergreen Cemetery Wesley Twp    
Fenton Methodist Cemetery Fenton Twp Picture History
Fenton Township Cemetery Fenton Twp, SW of Lone Rock Picture  
Garfield Township Cemetery West Bend    
German Lutheran Cemetery Lincoln Twp, Lakota Picture  
German Twp Cemetery #1 - East Titonka Picture  
German Twp Cemetery #2 - West Titonka Picture  
Good Hope Lutheran Cemetery Buffalo Twp, near Titonka Picture History
Greenwood Township Cemetery Bancroft south side Picture  
Harrison Township Cemetery Swea City Picture  
Highland Home Cemetery Ledyard Twp, Near Ledyard Picture  
Laurel Hill Cemetery Irvington Picture History
Lotts Creek Lutheran Cemetery Lotts Creek Twp Picture  
Lutheran Cemetery - Swea Twp Swea city, west and north of town Picture  
LuVerne Township Cemetery LuVerne Picture  
Maple Hill Cemetery Lincoln Twp, near Lakota Picture  
Plainview Cemetery Whittemore Twp, x of Whittemore Picture  
Plum Creek Township Cemetery aka Zion Lutheran Cemetery near Algona Picture  
Portland Township Cemetery near Burt Picture History
Ramsey Reformed Church Cemetery German Twp, near Titonka Picture  
Ramsey Township Cemetery near Bancroft Picture History
Riverview Cemetery north edge of Algona Picture  
Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery Ledyard Twp, Picture  
St. Benedict Cemetery Prairie Twp, Picture  
St. John's Catholic Cemetery Greenwood Twp, south side Bancroft Picture History
St. John's Lutheran Cemetery Fenton Twp, north of Fenton Picture History
St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery Riverdale Twp, St. Joe Picture  
St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery Wesley Twp, near Wesley    
St. Matthew's Lutheran Cemetery Hebron Twp, near Lakota   History
St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery Whittemore Twp. Picture  
St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery Whittemore Twp. Picture  
Seneca Township Cemetery Seneca Twp. Picture History
Swea Township Cemetery Swea Twp, west of Swea City Picture History
Union Township Cemetery rural Union Twp, NW of Algona Picture History
Unknowns from WPA Records      


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