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December 2011 - Part 1 of the Wilson Family. DVD Info of the dramatic reading of Elmira Heckart Colburn's Diary and excerpts thereof. Picture of Bancroft's 1985 Concert Band.

September 2011 - Pictures of Civil War Exhibit. Picture of Algona's 1931 football team. Newspaper article telling of Early Life by Mrs. Godfrey.

June 2011 - Tribute to Civil War Veterans. Aletter. Bios of a few Civil War Veterans

March 2011 - Interesting arcticle on the First White woman in Kossuth County. A 9 year-old boy, a servant for the Gilmores. Article "How Do You Date Your Photos? Picture of the Factory Crew from the North American Engine Factory.

December 2010 - An article and photo about the Busy Sexton Creamery, Early Settlers of Union Township (continued from the Sept 2010 issue), ideas you can do in 2011 for genealogy, News and more.

September 2010 - Early Settlers of Union Township (lots of local names), Photo from 1916 Union Mothers Club, Research Tips about the Homestead Act, News from the society and more.

March 2010 - Eagle Township, Swen and Nilla Johnson family history, News, Dennis Holmes restores a caboose, and recent additions to our Genealogy Room.

December 2009 - Map and article about Grant Township by Pat Klemm, pictures of Century Farm winners, Research tips, recent additions and News.

September 2009 - The final installment of the Autobiography of Effie Robinson, Society News which includes a scan of two pages of the 1951 Kossuth County Farm Directory, published by the Directory Service Company, showing those that worked at the courthouse and an ad run by the Farm Bureau listing officers and directors, we look at German Township from the 1913 Benjamin F. Reed book "History of Kossuth County", a photo of early Titonkans showing the Meyer family, recent additions to the genealogical library and more.

June 2009 - The second installment of the Autobiography of Effie Robinson, a news clipping from the Dorothy Climer collection from 1944 showing twelve local men leaving to begin training in Military Services, Delbert Berninghaus, a local man who was a POW in Germany in WWII, was our guest speaker on June 7th and has written a book about his experience, we also show an exerpt from "History of Kossuth County" by Richard Schiek in honor of the 150 anniversary of Kossuth County, along with a map of early Kossuth County towns and communities, and our Society News and more.

March 2009 - The first installment of the Autobiography of Effie Robinson (written in 1944), we are looking for a few obituaries from the book "Enterprising Men of Algona", News from the President, a news clipping from about 1916 on the W.H. Riedel farm in Union township, and more.

December 2008 – Divorce in the early years of Kossuth County, newspaper clippings “Union Township Families Celebrate Heritage Night”, news from the president, Research Tips – highlighting Land Records township grid system, Websites of interest, Meeting schedule for 2009 and much more.

September 2008 – Country Schools: from a presentation by Gerald Soderberg, news from the president, “Only an 8th grade education” – a final exam from 1895, Rules for Teachers 1872, and much more.

June 2008 – News clippings from Dorothy Climer about the Kossuth County Fair (which we all know is a big deal here), “An Old Time Card” – about the railway time tables from 1870 to Algona, news from the president, and Research Tips – highlighting ships passenger lists and Early Wars and the years they were fought, 1675 – 1898, and much more.

March 2008 - From the Dorothy Climer news clippings "Seneca Cemetery is Pioneer Landmark", An excerpt from Letty about cemeteries and gravestones and what they mean to us, news from the president, Research Tips about early occupations, Remembering One Forgotten Pioneer, James Price by Nancy B. Wilson, Memorial Day memories by Pat Klemm, Fallen But Not Forgotten, the story about Pfc John L. Stephens, list of cemeteries in Kossuth County, and more.

Nov 2007 - The Winter of '36 by Pat Klemm taken from the History of Kossuth County Iowa, Area names and Places by Jack Celoni, news from the president, Research Tips about research in Germany, Photographs: copying photos, negative storage and digital cameras, Tips on scanning Photos, list of Family Histories and Information at the Algona Public Library, Holiday Traditions by Pat Klemm, and more.

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